Learning more about DevOps and Cloud Solutions

The purpose of this article is to share workshops, books, videos, and articles to help you improve your knowledge about the DevOps world.

Sometimes it is difficult to find good content online, so I have selected the best content that I have found on the internet about DevOps, Cloud, Containers, Kubernetes, Cloud Security, and Cloud Architect, and I am sharing it with you. I hope it can be as helpful to you as it has been for me. Enjoy it πŸ˜‰ !

I will be trying to add new workshops, articles, books, or architecture examples every week, so stay tuned to learn more!

Workshop and Labs:


  • Microsoft Azure β€” Create Azure DevOps Projects β€” Link
  • Microsoft Azure β€” Decompose a monolithic application into a microservices architecture β€” Link
  • Presidio Workshops: They have over 13 workshops about DevOps, containers, Kubernetes, and some other topics. β€” Link
  • Amazon EKS Workshop β€” Link
  • Amazon ECS Workshop β€” Link
  • AWS Samples β€” Workshop (over 100 workshops)(you will pay for the infrastructure that you will be running) β€” Link
  • Kubernetes Playground β€” Link
  • Kubernetes the hard way β€” Link

Books and eBooks:


  • The Site Reliability Workbook β€” Link
  • Site Reliability Engineering β€” Link
  • Microsoft Azure β€” Security best practices for Azure solutions β€” Link
  • Kubernetes Up & Running β€” Link
  • Kubernetes Patterns β€” Link
  • Designing Distributed Systems β€” Link
  • Kubernetes Operators β€” Link
  • Kubernetes Up and Running β€” Link
  • Monolith to Microservices β€” Link
  • Knative Cookbook β€” Link
  • Presto: The Definitive Guide β€” Link


  • The DevOps Handbook β€” Link
  • The Phoenix Project β€” Link
  • The Unicorn Project β€” Link
  • Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps β€” Link
  • Python for DevOps β€” Link
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide β€” Link
  • The Kubernetes Book β€” Link
  • Docker Deep Dive β€” Link


  • Why Running a Privileged Container in Docker Is a Bad Idea β€” Link
  • Containers are here; container security is next β€” Link
  • Exposed Docker Control API and Community Image Abused to Deliver Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware β€” Link
  • Container Security: Examining Potential Threats to the Container Environment β€” Link
  • All CIS Benchmark Documents β€” Link
  • How can we integrate security into the DevOps pipelines? β€” Link
  • Adopting serverless? Awesome! But have you thought about how to keep it secure? β€” Link
  • Misconfigurations in the Cloud β€” Be prepared before they cause you headaches β€” Link
  • (BlakcHat Presentation)DevSecOps β€” Link

Courses and Training:


  • (Katacoda)Learn Git Commands β€” Link
  • (Katacoda) Serverless β€” Link
  • Docker, Container Runtimes, Builders and Registries β€” Link
  • Kubernetes Introduction β€” Link
  • Getting started with Kubernetes β€” Link
  • (Udemy) Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes by Google β€” Link
  • (Microsoft)Learn about DevOps dojo white belt foundation β€” Link

Oracle Cloud (Free Trainings)


  • (Udemy) β€” Jenkins, From Zero To Hero: Become a DevOps Jenkins Master β€” Link

Commands Datasheet:

  • Kubectl commands β€” Link​
  • Docker Cheat Sheet β€” Link
  • Google Cloud- Developer's Cheat Sheet β€” Link

Conferences and additional videos:

  • Google Next 2019 β€” Link​
  • DockerCon 19- Link
  • DevOps vs. SRE β€” Link​
  • CNCF videos β€” Link
  • Kubernetes for Beginners β€” Link

Cloud Architectures Examples

  • Microsoft Azure Example Scenarios β€” Link
  • AWS Whitepapers & Guides β€” Link
  • Google Cloud reference architecture β€” Link


  • AWS to Azure services comparison β€” Link

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